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Choice 极速体育直播 Warranty Review

Crystal clear contracts and the fastest claims processing in the industry 鈥
Fact-checked with 极速体育直播极速体育直播.com 鈥
Fast, 24/7 claims processing
Upfront pricing and liability caps
Free first month

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Founded in 2008, Choice 极速体育直播 Warranty isn鈥檛 just the fastest-growing home warranty company in the U.S. 鈥 it鈥檚 one of the fastest-growing companies, period. For the past seven years, it鈥檚 made 鈥檚 annual list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. That explosive growth is due in part to Choice鈥檚 investment in technology, which allows it to process claims faster than many of its competitors. When a system or appliance breaks down, no one wants to wait long to get a service appointment scheduled; 80% of Choice claims receive a response within just four hours. That鈥檚 why we named Choice one of the best home warranty companies.

Choice offers two main home warranty plans, along with a few standalone coverage options. The Basic Plan covers 14 of the most common home systems and appliances, including heating, plumbing, dishwasher, microwave, and stove. The Total Plan includes everything the Basic Plan covers, plus four critical additions: air conditioning, refrigerator, washer, and dryer. Finally, standalone coverage options are available for pools and spas, well pumps, sump pumps, central vacuums, roof leaks, septic systems, second refrigerators, and standalone freezers.

The Claim

鈥淲e鈥檙e the tech leaders in the home warranty industry,鈥 Victor Mandalawi, President of Choice 极速体育直播 Warranty, told in an email. 鈥淲e鈥檙e a tech company that happens to be in home warranties. Our technology allows us to process claims faster and serve our customers better.鈥 On its website, Choice promises 鈥渢o always offer our customers fast and simple solutions, along with excellent service technicians.鈥

Is it true?

Yes. When it comes to speed, Choice processes claims faster than anyone else we鈥檝e come across in the home warranty industry. American 极速体育直播 Shield, for example, promises to respond within 48 hours in its , but Choice processes 80% of its claims within just four hours. (To be clear, that doesn鈥檛 mean 80% of its claims are approved for replacements or repairs, only that they quickly schedule a service visit to help make a determination.) Choice also boasts a reasonable service fee of $85 (other providers can range as high as $125), and it enjoys great customer service ratings from sites like Consumer Affairs.

Product Overview

Best for

Comprehensive coverage and lightning-fast responses

Not for

Custom plans


Price Varies
States served 50
Customer service hours 24/7
Plans offered Basic Plan Total Plan (recommended) Standalone add-ons
Workmanship guarantee 90 days parts, 30 days labor
Standout features Responds to 90% of claims in just 4 hours Great customer service ratings Comprehensive coverage Free first month

Fast, 24/7 claims processing

极速体育直播owners submit a home warranty claim when a system or appliance (that is covered by their contract) breaks down. The home warranty company will then dispatch a service technician to visit your home and determine whether your contract will cover a replacement or repair, based on how and why your system or appliance has malfunctioned or stopped working. Choice 极速体育直播 Warranty offers some of the fastest claims processing in the industry 鈥 usually in four hours or less. That doesn鈥檛 mean a service technician will arrive within four hours, only that your claim will be processed and your technician visit scheduled. Still, it鈥檚 faster than most of Choice鈥檚 competitors in the home warranty space.

Upfront pricing and liability caps

As we noted in our methodology when picking the best home warranty companies, we only recommend providers who make sample contracts available online. We love how Choice puts a sample contract right in the main navigation bar of its website (under 鈥溾) instead of burying it on another page. Being upfront about liability caps and service fees bodes well for the company鈥檚 transparency and accountability.

Free first month

Choice waives the first month鈥檚 contract fee with the purchase of a single payment plan. While that鈥檚 common among TV providers and other services, it鈥檚 pretty rare for a home warranty company, and will make a nice little dent in your annual cost.

Possible Drawbacks

Few customization options

We wish Choice鈥檚 home warranty plans were a little more flexible or a la carte, so you could pay for only the systems and appliances you need. The two plans Choice currently offers are comprehensive, but some of the most critical things every homeowner would probably want covered (air conditioning, refrigerator, clothes washer and dryer) are only available with the more expensive plan.

Low plumbing cap

Choice鈥檚 liability cap on plumbing repairs is $500 per contract term. That鈥檚 not unusual, but it鈥檚 considerably lower than American 极速体育直播 Shield鈥檚 $1,000 plumbing cap. According to 极速体育直播, in 2019 the between $172 and $451, so Choice鈥檚 cap should still cover plenty of homeowners. But if you live in an older house with an outdated plumbing system, the lower cap could leave you high and (perhaps not) dry.

The Competition

BBB Rating B- B B N/A
Service fee $85 $75, $100, or $125 $60 $65 or $95
Workmanship guarantee 90 days parts, 30 days labor 60 days Life of contract 90 days parts, 30 days labor
24/7 support

Choice 极速体育直播 Warranty vs. American 极速体育直播 Shield

Choice is one of the largest home warranty companies in the United States, though not as large as American 极速体育直播 Shield (AHS). Overall, AHS offers more generous liability caps and more customizable plans, but Choice boasts a cheaper service fee, a longer workmanship guarantee, and slightly higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Choice 极速体育直播 Warranty vs. AFC 极速体育直播 Club

The biggest differentiator between Choice 极速体育直播 Warranty and AFC 极速体育直播 Club is the workmanship guarantee 鈥 also known as the recall period 鈥 specified in their sample contracts. Choice鈥檚 repairs and replacements are guaranteed for 90 days for parts and 30 days for labor, which is pretty standard. But AFC 极速体育直播 Club actually guarantees their work for the life of your contract, which is incredible. Also, AFC 极速体育直播 Club鈥檚 $60 service fee is among the lowest in the industry. However, Choice is available in all 50 states, whereas AFC 极速体育直播 Club doesn鈥檛 offer warranties in California, South Carolina, or Hawaii.

Choice 极速体育直播 Warranty vs. 极速体育直播 Service Club

At first glance, Choice and The 极速体育直播 Service Club look pretty similar. Both offer the same workmanship guarantee (90 days parts, 30 days labor). One thing we like about 极速体育直播 Service Club is that their lower-cost plan includes air conditioning, refrigerators, washers, and dryers 鈥 with Choice, you鈥檒l have to purchase the more expensive 鈥淭otal Plan鈥 in order to cover those.

Choice 极速体育直播 Warranty FAQ

Does Choice 极速体育直播 Warranty require a home inspection?

No, Choice doesn鈥檛 require a home inspection. However, they do recommend one 鈥渢o make sure all items are in good working order,鈥 because their contracts won鈥檛 cover 鈥渁ny known or unknown pre-existing conditions.鈥

Does Choice 极速体育直播 Warranty have a recall period for repairs?

Yes, Choice offers a 鈥渨orkmanship guarantee鈥 for repairs and replacements 鈥 90 days for parts, 30 days for labor.

The Bottom Line

Choice 极速体育直播 Warranty offers some of the most comprehensive plans in the industry, along with an affordable service fee and a respectable workmanship guarantee. But the feature that makes Choice stand out from the crowd is its lightning-fast claims processing, thanks to Choice鈥檚 investments in technology and customer service. If you want everything in your home to be covered by a home warranty plan 鈥 and you want a quick response in the event of a claim 鈥 Choice is an excellent . . . well . . . choice.

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