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Xfinity Internet Review

Comcast Xfinity

  • Plans starting at $30 per month with a one-year contract
  • Internet speeds from 25 to 2,000 Mbps
  • Consistently reliable speeds
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How We Reviewed Xfinity

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2 weeks of research

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7 plans evaluated

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4 providers compared

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If is the main 鈥 or only 鈥 cable internet option where you live, then we have good news for you: Xfinity is one of the best internet service providers (ISPs) in the U.S. 

We spent over two weeks analyzing seven popular plans and comparing them across four top providers. We found a service that offers a variety of high-speed cable internet plans with several budget-friendly bundling options. To top it off, Xfinity ranks among the most reliable ISPs. Reliability means you are more likely to receive the internet speeds you pay for as advertised.

Widest Range of Plans
Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity


鉁 Reliable service

鉁 Wide availability

鉁 Plenty of bundling options



鉁 Poor customer service

鉁 1-year contract required for advertised prices


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Xfinity Internet Plans and Prices

Wide range of cable internet speeds starting as low as $30.

PlanPriceDownload / Upload SpeedsConnection TypeBest For
Performance Starter$29.99/mo.*25 MbpsCableSocial Networker
Performance Select$34.99/mo.*100 MbpsCableFrequent Online gamer
Performance Pro$49.99/mo.*200 MbpsCableBingewatchers
Blast! Pro$64.99/mo.*300 MbpsCableHouse of Multitaskers
Extreme Pro$74.99/mo.*
($60 for 24 months)
600 MbpsCableHouse of Multitaskers
Gigabit$84.99/mo.* ($70 for 24 months)940 MbpsCableMega Users
Gigabit Pro$299.95/mo.2,000/2,000 MbpsFiberMega Users

Data effective March 4, 2020 

* Package availability depends on location, prices may vary

Fiber Plans, Speed, and Data

Xfinity is currently rolling out its first and only fiber plan 鈥 .  This fully unlimited ultra-fast fiber internet option can reach download speeds of up to 2,000 Mbps (2 Gbps), which is up to 40 times faster than traditional home connections.

The catch? Its Gig-speed connection is still in its early stages, and it’s . It鈥檚 also costly: Xfinity鈥檚 only fiber option rings in at a stunning $300 per month, with $500 installation and $500 activation fees. 

With steep upfront and monthly costs, , this already limited service is nearly unattainable for the average household. Until this connection becomes more readily available (and remotely affordable), you may want to look elsewhere for fiber.

Cable Internet Plans, Speed, and Data

Xfinity offers several ranging from 25 Mbps – 1,000 Mbps. Although performance varies by region, Xfinity delivers some of the most reliably fast speeds in the industry. This dependable performance history means you鈥檙e more likely to actually experience the download speeds you pay for. Proven reliability is the reason Xfinity was rated the Fastest Internet Service Provider by in 2018.

Even though Xfinity technically has a data cap, most customers will never have to worry about maxing out their internet usage. Xfinity sets its limit at 1 TB per month ; for context, two people can play online games 24 hours per day for 30 days straight and still have enough data left over to watch all 629 episodes of “The Simpsons” in high-def. In other words, Xfinity will feel unlimited to most people.

If your household does use more than 1 TB of data per month, Xfinity offers an for an extra $50 per month. However, we recommend signing into your account to before making the upgrade. You may find 1 TB of data stretches further than you think.

Who is each Xfinity plan best for?

  • Performance Starter 鈥 Best for a single user with up to 5 devices
  • Performance Select 鈥 Best for two users with up to 8 devices
  • Performance Pro 鈥 Best for three users with up to 10 devices
  • Blast! Pro 鈥 Best for four users with up to 12 devices.
  • Extreme Pro 鈥 Best for five users with up to 15 devices
  • Gigabit 鈥 Best for 5+ users with up to 20 devices
  • Gigabit Pro 鈥 Best for 10+ users with up to 30 devices

How Fast is Xfinity Internet?

Based on the , Xfinity passes the 80/90 benchmark, meaning at least 80% of customers receive advertised speeds 90% of the time. In terms of reliability, Xfinity beats most cable internet providers 鈥 and it far surpasses DSL and satellite options.

It鈥檚 also worth mentioning, while Optimum took home the gold for reliability, it only serves in . Xfinity Internet is available in 40. In every state Xfinity serves 鈥 besides Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania 鈥 it is the most reliable option. It鈥檚 also likely to be one of the fastest. In 2018, the internet performance rating site as the fastest internet provider nationwide. 

Internet Availability

Widely available cable internet plans, with one fiber service in select cities.

Rather than focusing on a specific region, Xfinity provides coverage across the country. Xfinity is , with coverage close to 36% of the nation beating out Spectrum and Cox.

Use our zip tool to check if your address is serviceable.

Other Factors to Consider

Impressive equipment

Industry-leading gateway with advanced security features.

Not many providers can match the level of equipment Xfinity offers. The is one of the most intelligent and secure gateways in the industry, combining the traditional modem and router, while also boasts major security features.

Now included in the $14/month equipment rental fee is the xFi Advanced Security add-on. With this feature, you can protect all your smart home devices from malware, phishing threats, and hackers. All you have to do is download the xFi app, and you鈥檒l receive real-time notifications giving you the ability to report and block any suspicious activity.

Xfinity does give you the option to opt-out of its gateway as long as your equipment is compatible. Depending on the plan and connection type, you may need a high-end modem to support your speeds. If you鈥檙e unsure, Xfinity using your location and download speed to determine if your device is compatible with your plan.

When it comes to installing the equipment, Xfinity offers both professional installation as well as self-installation for those looking to save a little extra money. For users who aren鈥檛 as tech-savvy and would rather have a professional come out, spend some time looking through as Xfinity often offers free professional installation (normally $60) for higher speed packages.

Contracts and fees

Xfinity shines when it comes to contract flexibility, though the amount of available packages can be a bit overwhelming. With seven packages to pick from, it鈥檚 easy to get lost in all the deals and bundling options. We recommend looking at the higher speed packages first, as it provides the most value. 

For those looking to stay put for a few years, packages with 24-month locked-in prices can save you hundreds of dollars compared to plans that increase in price the second year. Xfinity also offers month-to-month plans. They鈥檙e often more expensive than contract plans, we appreciate Xfinity鈥檚 willingness to accommodate various living situations.

As for early termination fees, Xfinity is alarmingly vague. If this lack of transparency is a concern for you, we recommend reaching out to an Xfinity representative prior to signing up.

Notable fees

  • Early termination fees: Undisclosed
  • Equipment lease fee: Up to $14/month
  • Self-installation (shipping costs): $15
  • Professional installation: Up to $60

*Sometimes waived for online orders

TV bundles: Xfinity TV

If you鈥檙e an Xfinity customer looking to bundle TV, then we have good news for you. Xfinity is now offering bundles with its revamped With several extensive packages to pick from, ranging from 140+ to 260+ channels, Xfinity鈥檚 TV streaming service offers plenty of value at a highly competitive price. 

Unlike AT&T TV, which you can buy as a stand-alone service, the X1 TV service requires an Xfinity internet connection. The base package, which includes 140+ channels, starts at $80 and includes an X1 Voice remote. In comparison, AT&T TV鈥檚 bundle package also but only includes 65+ channels 鈥 less than half of Xfinity鈥檚 X1.

And while other TV streaming services 鈥 like 鈥 may be cheaper, it doesn’t offer nearly as many channels in its base package. If you鈥檙e considering a TV service, and have Xfinity internet available, look no further than the X1 bundle. It鈥檚 worth noting there is a $20 price increase in the second year, but this is fairly common in the industry.

Customer service

ISPs don’t rate highly for customer service, and Xfinity is no exception. It has a reputation for long wait times to reach a representative and difficulty disconnecting services. 

The , which conducts thousands of customer surveys annually, ranks Xfinity as fifth best out of 12 providers, but with a score below the national average. It鈥檚 not all bad news. 

For the first time in many years, Xfinity saw a boost in rankings from J.D. Power, another independent third party. Xfinity received an average rating of 3.5/5 in Customer Service across the four major market segments: . 

That said, Xfinity is striving to make improvements by hiring more representatives and creating appointment slots to reduce hold times, so customers should see improvements in the future.

Xfinity vs. Other Providers

Starting PriceAvailabilityDownload SpeedsConnectionContract
Xfinity$30/mo40 States25 Mbps – 2,000 MbpsCable,Fiber1 year
Cox Internet$30/mo19 states10 Mbps – 940 MbpsCable, Fiber1 year
AT&T Internet$40/mo21 states768 Kbps – 940 MbpsDSL, Fiber1 year
Spectrum$50/mo41 states100 Mbps – 940 MbpsCableNone

*Prices for stand-alone internet service, current at time of publication. Prices may vary by location. Contract length may vary and it鈥檚 subject to the starting price presented above. 

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